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The Energy™ Magazine publisher contacts prestigious and well-known energy industry leaders nominated by the Board of Advisors as potential authors for the magazine. Any energy industry-related individual may be considered for authorship by simply emailing our Houston office with the following information:

An author may choose any interesting topic, the author cannot write about himself or herself or any affiliations. Articles should be approximately 1500-2500 words. We receive numerous submissions, and unfortunately we cannot publish them all. Sometimes articles must be pared down to accommodate the increase in number of articles in any one release. Authors are encouraged to write for the broadest audience possible since our readership is comprised of not only energy professionals, but businesses and consumers as well. References should be incorporated in the text of the article as we do not print references. Authors need to supply a 150-word to 1/2-page bio as Energy Magazine may “distill” bios from provided materials as it is our policy that the author knows best what to highlight about themselves.

Deadlines for submissions are 30 days prior to digital publication. If so desired, the Energy Magazine writing staff can provide support in the drafting of your article. Before we can publish your article, we will need your final approval on the final draft we send to you. Final draft approval must be emailed to the editor. We would prefer articles in a Word file (.doc), but we will accept .txt files. Documents must be sent via email to the editor at If you have any questions, please contact the publisher at 713-621-7200.

Please feel free to communicate directly with our Houston office regarding any further questions.

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